Crash Co. – Beta Demo

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Crash Co. is an awesome “destroy everything in your path with vehicles” game that is truly becoming the spiritual successor to the N64 classic Blast Corps.

We first covered Crash Co. back in October, 2015 and loved the Blast Corps. inspired destruction it had to offer.  The devs have certainly been busy, and it’s gone through some monumental changes since that early alpha version. There’s now a total of 12 levels (7 main demolition levels and 5 hidden bonus levels), 5 demolition vehicles and a few of transport only mission that involve different mechanics instead of destroying everything.

The game itself plays the same as before and anyone who enjoyed the original Blast Corps. game will be delighted with the variety of different ways to smash stuff up in Crash Co.  The devs have also swapped out the place holder music from the original Blast Corps. game and have gone for a more aggressive metal styled score which makes each deliciously awesome explosion that much more satisfying.

The team at Studio Besus have out done themselves with Crash Co. by crafting a deliciously destructive sandbox that really does feel like a true spiritual successor to Rare’s N64 classic.  Whether you’re bashing buildings with a bulldozer or mashing skyscrapers with a mech, Crash Co. is an absolute blast (corp).  Highly recommended.

Check out the Crash Co. Greenlight Page Here

Download the Crash Co. Beta Demo Here (Windows Only)