Crash Force – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

Crash Force Steam Key Giveaway

We have 1700 more Steam Early Access Keys to giveaway for Crash Force – Ascanio Entertainment’s badass blend of WipEout-Style anti-grav futuristic racing and Twisted Metal-style 6v6 vehicular combat!

As we mentioned during the previous giveaway, Crash Force features fast paced futuristic MOBA-esque arena combat, with teams of six battling each other with spectacle-filled clashes in customisable hovercraft. It features different hovercraft classes and battle maps to do battle on, with new hovercraft models are being added all the time (the latest is in the GIF above), each of which are all kitted out with unique weaponry and abilities.

The hovercraft are all equipped with a fast-firing low-damage primary weapon and a high-powered precision shot weapon as well as four different skills which can be unlocked as you earn XP and level up. Oddly enough, you don’t play the pilot of the vehicles, you actually are the vehicles – they’re living robotic beings that you take control of.

As well as featuring a brand new vehicle, the latest build features a variety of bug fixes, graphical tweaks, better matchmaking, a shooting range and a new Capture the Capacitor game mode. It’s a fun game well worth checking out for some fast, fun, spectacle-filled anti-grav multiplayer warfare. We have 1700 Crash Force Steam Early Access Keys to give away! To claim your Beta key simply complete any 2 actions in the widget below and your key will appear in the widget instantly!

Crash Force Can Also Be Purchased Via Steam Here

Crash Force Steam Early Access Key Giveaway!