Crash N. Tense Adventure – Alpha Demo

Crash N. Tense Adventure is a very impressive 2D Crash Bandicoot fan game with a charming hand drawn visual style, challenging action platforming gameplay and plenty of secrets to discover.

Other than being in 2D, Crash N. Tense Adventure feels very much like a classic Crash Bandicoot outing, with all the moves, enemies, boxes and collectibles you’d expect to see in a Crash game. It only features three stages (and one bonus stage), but those stages are surprisingly large, packed full of secrets and have plenty of replayability – especially if you want to do the time trials and collect all the crystal fragments.

It’s a very tough came, but not unfair and the movement of Crash feels authentically like the Playstation originals. The level design is very impressive and the 2D hand animated visual style is a delight to behold, capturing Crash’s playful character perfectly. It’s a fantastic little outing for the orange marsupial that we highly recommend checking out.

UPDATE: This Build Is No Longer Available, But A New Build Is Available Here