Crash World – Alpha Download

Crash World is a wonderfully chaotic low poly pizza delivery game in which you race around the streets causing carnage and running over hot dog vendors who are stealing your customers.

You may be a pizza delivery man in Crash World, but delivering pizzas is way down on the list of things to do. Just surviving for more than a few minutes is hard enough thanks to the cops and hot dog vendors who open fire at you as soon as they see you. They probably have every right to do so as you’re wrecking the city and murdering hot dog vendors but it sure makes driving around Crash World’s charming low poly town a hair raising experience.

It’s likely that in future builds the cops won’t try and attack you until you actually commit a crime, but as it stands it’s carnage right from the start. It’s great fun driving around and causing chaos on the streets though, thanks largely to the bouncy car handling, eclectic mix of quirky citizens and amount of objects you can smash through. It’ll take a while to earn much cash (though you do start with some), but there are a couple of different cars you can buy, and you can even fit them with a selection of novelty hats (including a man sitting on an armchair).

It’s still early in development and pretty rough around the edges, but Crash World is perfect for short bouts of adrenaline fuelled low poly carnage. A ridiculous and reckless road rampage well worth buckling up for.

Check Out Markiplier Causing Chaos on the Streets Here

Download The Crash World Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)