Crawlers – Prototype Download


Crawlers is a cool multiplayer combat game that let’s players fully customize their war-machines with a wide selection of weaponry then duke it out in multiplayer arena combat.

Kitting your 6 legged mech out with a fearsome loadout is easy – you simply drag and drop weaponry to the desired location on your machine.  Each player starts with a bare crawler and a set amount of cash which depletes as you purchase weapons and other upgrades – from miniguns to lasers. These weapons can all be mapped to separate attack buttons, allowing for tactical (but still pretty chaotic) combat.

Once all the players are happy with their load-outs it’s time to do battle in brutal and rather spectacular multiplayer arena combat.  This is where your careful planning and attention to detail in the building phase really pays off, with your creations able to cater to various playstyles, depending on whether you’ve focused on maneuverability, armor or all-out firepower.  Matches are filled with a barrage of bullets and explosions, in chaotic battles where the last crawler standing is crowned the victor.

The devs are planning to add lots of new features, weaponry and gadgets, but even in these early stages the build and destroy nature of Crawlers is very satisfying.  A six-legged smackdown full of chaotic crawly carnage.

Check out the Greenlight Page HERE

Download the Prototype HERE