Crazy Pixel Streaker – Alpha Demo

Crazy Pixel Streaker game

Crazy Pixel Streaker is a very silly roguelike beat em up in which you streak at various world championship sporting events in order to steal the trophies so that your alien abductors can win a bet.

Playable with up to four players simultaneously, you skydive into various sporting arenas, from boxing to football, gaining followers and beating up players, officials and deadly bosses.  The action is wonderfully chaotic, with you able to use a variety of ridiculous weaponry to vanquish your foe – from footballs to flying pigs.

As you progress, you can upgrade your skills, take part in bizarre bonus missions and take part in crazy boss fights.  It’s a fun game that brings a nice bit of anarchy to organised sports.  Freaky streaky mayhem.

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Download The Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)