Creature Chorus – Game Jam Build Download

Creature Chorus is a delightful little musical adventure where you explore an island and befriend creatures to jam with around a bonfire.

Created for the exprmt48 game jam, in Creature Chorus you find yourself at a little camp you’ve set up on an idyllic looking island. All that’s missing are some friends! As you explore the island you discover various different creatures, such as snakes, bears and frogs, each of which you can wave at to befriend.

Once you befriend the creatures they’ll follow you around back to the camp, adding a new percussive sound to the soundtrack as they do so. Get all of the creatures to join your camp and then you can really start to jam!

It’s a short and sweet little game with a charming art style and a nice selection of creatures to befriend. The way they follow you around and add to the soundtrack is particularly enjoyable and it makes for a very pleasant experience.

Download Creature Chorus Here (Windows & Mac)