Credence Filter – Alpha Demo


Credence Filter is a very creepy 2D sci-fi action RPG with high quality pixel art animation, in which you wake up in a decaying dystopian future full of aliens, robots, ghosts, mothmen and people who eat mushrooms!

In Credence Filter you play Tohm Shicszrk, an ordinary man (with a remarkable talent) who has been chosen by some intergalactic aliens to save the world from the dark menace that’s destroying it. Trouble is you have very little information about what this dark menace is – you seem to have very little memory of the last 10 years!

You are one of the few humans capable of channel ‘Ghostspace’ – an ability that not only allows you to use powerful attacks and manipulate gravity, but also allows you to see ghosts. These ghosts can be helpful or harmful, and you’ll even find yourself being haunted by the spirits of people you kill (if you decide to kill them).

There’s a very tense atmosphere to the game, and it has a very cool grimy 1980’s futuristic vibe akin to John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. The controls in Credence Filter can take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be rewarded with a very interesting sci-fi action RPG with a rich lore, excellent pixel art animation, creepy monster, unique characters and a very intriguing story. A creepy, cool and cerebral sci-fi action RPG adventure.

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Download The Creedence Filter Alpha demo Here (Windows)