Creep – Alpha Demo

Creep is a quirky puzzle platformer with psychological horror elements and Tinder dating, where your troubled inner thoughts are represented as a worm world where everybody is out to get you.

In Creep you enter the inner world of a man who is plagued with feelings of anxiety, loneliness and inadequacy. This inner world is represented as a 2D land filled with worms, most of which shout hateful words at you and will kill you if you get near them. Your little inner worm is pretty slow, but it can cling to surfaces and every now and again you’ll also play through analogical mini-levels, which build confidence and help you learn new skills.

It’s a very strange game that doesn’t always work, but has some very interesting concepts, great voice acting, a unique visual style and a thought provoking narrative. Embrace your inner worm and check out this fun little creepy crawly oddity.

Download The Creep Alpha Demo Here (Steam)