CREEP – Game Jam Build Download

CREEP is a freaky little retro styled first person horror adventure where you sneak into a neighbor’s house to search for your buddy’s missing dog.

In CREEP you go around to your friend Donny’s house to find him peering out of his bedroom window at a mysterious old man walking down the street Donny is convinced that the old man has been stealing pets and now his dog has gone missing. Being wheelchair-bound donny can’t investigate himself so he persuades you to break into the old man’s house and see what you can find…

It just takes a few minutes to play through CREEP, and it was clearly made in a hurry for the game jam (the house is actually the same one from Wronged), but it’s a good little horror game with a nice sense of atmosphere and some great scares. A bite sized retro horror game that may take a bite out of you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Creep Here (Windows)