Crescent Falls – Student Game

Crescent Falls is a charming little third person puzzle platforming adventure where you use your witchy powers to flip between dimensions and save your village from its impending doom.

In Crescent Falls you take control of a young witch who lives in an idyllic country village that’s in danger of being destroyed by a gigantic creature that’s appeared from a rift in the sky. To send the creature back where it came from and save your village (and the world) you will need to find two powerful relics and use in an occult ritual.

Time is of the essence in Crescent Falls, with you starting the game with a five minute timer that continually counts down to the end of the world. Thankfully you can gain extra time by collecting the various crystals that are scattered around the world, but you’ll still have to be quick and not hang around.

A lot of the time you may find that your way is blocked through the world, which is when your dimension flipping abilities come in handy. You can flip between the normal world and a darker frozen world at the touch of a button. The worlds will often have slight structural differences that will allow you to progress, and you an even transport certain large objects between dimensions.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Crescent Falls is a very well crafted little puzzle platforming adventure with some beautiful visuals and creative puzzles. The world design is particularly impressive, giving you a great sense of freedom, yet also managing to keep you on the right track towards your goals. A wonderful witchy puzzle platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Crescent Falls Here (Windows)