Cretaceous Carnage – Game Jam Build

Cretaceous Carnage is a Primal Rage-esque fighting game that pits prehistoric beasts against each other in round-based fights to the death.

Playable in the single player Arcade mode or local multiplayer Vs, Cretaceous Carnage s a fighting game in a similar vein as Primal Rage. There are four playable characters in the current build – a T-Rex, a Triceratops and Ankylosaurus and a weird prehistoric sloth monster. You won’t be pulling off any flowing combos but all the fighters have their own moves and specials, with different moves being accessed by pressing an attack button and a direction.

As Cretaceous Carnage was created for a game jam in just 48 hours don’t expect Street Fighter levels of combat depth and visual polish, but it is a lot of fun. The stop-motion-esque visual style is fondly reminiscent of the Primal Rage games and it’s easy to pick up and play. The devs plan to continue development on Cretaceous Carnage if they get a good response. Here’s hoping they do – the world needs more dino fighting games!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Cretaceous Carnage Here (Windows)