CRETE – Alpha Playtest

CRETE is a third-person biopunk action game with roguelike elements, where you harvest DNA from god-like humanoids and use it to create powerful weapons.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, CRETE takes place on an alien planet that’s home to the Ancestors (similar to the Engineers in Prometheus). The Ancestors want to exterminate you so obviously you fight back and you’ll use their DNA to do it.

CRETE is playable in single player and online co-op, and sees you venturing into procedurally generated biomes filled with Ancestors. You have melee weapons, ranged weapons and a shield, all of which come in handy and allow for fast paced and tactical combat. There are dozens of biomechanical weapons to unlock in the game, all of which can be mutated with DNA samples to allow for millions of unique combinations. Jump in now to see what your Ancestors can do for you!

Join In The CRETE Open Alpha Here (Click “Request Access”)