CRETE – Open Alpha

CRETE is a Soulslike biopunk action adventure set in a dynamic alien world where you can harvest the DNA from enemies and use it to create weapons.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign up, CRETE is a third person action adventure that features single-player, co-op and competitive gameplay. It takes place on a distant planet called KeplerO and explores themes of transhumanism as you battle your way through a living and breathing world.

CRETE features roguelite elements, and each time you die you are reborn and have a chance to save your earned rewards, allowing you to come back stronger and better prepared. You’ll also be able to use the DAN of creatures you defeat to create powerful procedurally generated weapons from their DNA.

It looks set to deliver an epic Sci-Fi experience with interesting transhumanism themes and plenty of replayability. The Open Beta is live now and will run until the end of the weekend. Jump in now to see what you discover on KeplerO.

Join In The CRETE Open Alpha Here (Click “Request Access”)