Crimea – Alpha Demo


Crimea is a great looking strategic RPG set in a post apocalyptic future full of radiation and mutants which combines real time free roaming with X-COM style turn based combat.

You and two very handy AI companions roam the wasteland in real-time, collecting loot and tooling up your character.  When you encounter an enemy, Crimea switches to turn based gameplay, with moves and actions costing points. The enemies are fairly tough, but your 2 AI companions are particularly handy during these bouts, so try and take care of them!

It’s a challenging and rather brutal game, that comes across as a cool blend of Fallout and X-COM.  Crimea‘s post apocalyptic future may be grim, but it’s great fun.  Well worth checking out if you’re a fan of the original Fallout games.

Note: When using a weapon that requires ammo, remember to press the ‘reload’ button in the bottom right side of the screen before you go into battle!

Watch us get pummelled to death HERE

UPDATE: Alpha Demo no longer available