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criquette game download

Criquette is a wonderful sporting sim that brings a super silly slice of rag doll mayhem to the gentlemen’s sport of cricket.

Created by the same warped gam dev geniuses that brought you Broforce and Genital Jousting, Criquette is a simple and silly one on one local multiplayer cricket game that’s full of rag doll hilarity. In the game each player is controlled with just one button, with player one using any key on the left side of the keyboard and player two using any key on the right.

The goal is to reach a randomly selected score by besting your opponent.  Players take it in turns to bowl or bat, with the bowler holding their action button and timing the release of the ball to beat the batter, meanwhile the batter simply has to swing at the correct time to hit the ball. This is a lot harder than it sounds though as the physics are wonderfully wonky, the characters aren’t the most skilled cricketers and there’s lots of random effects such as slow motion or tiny characters that come into play.

It’s a simple prototype, but it’s already a joy to play, with ridiculous rag doll mayhem and lots of random effects that are bound to raise a smile. It may not be the most accurate cricket recreation, but it’s certainly one of the most fun!

Download The Criquette Prototype Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “Criquette – Prototype Download”

  1. Absolutely hilarious, don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard at a game before!
    definitely worth playing if you haven’t already! (I realised this is made by the same people who did genital jousting which is actually banned in Australia so i never got the luxury of playing it) :(
    Here is my little lets play of this great game if you’re interested!

  2. Hello! I did a video on it, like someone else said, this game was hilarious and was very entertaining to just screw around with. Haven’t laughed so hard from a video game in a long long time…

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