Critical Mass – Tech Demo

critical mass

Critical Mass is fun a top-down voxel-based shooter.  Using an engine made from the ground up for a different game called Ground State, Critical Mass is only a tech demo to see if everything is working out for the main game, but the dev still plans to flesh out Critical Mass more and has been doing regular updates.

The game engine that they’re using is absolutely gorgeous with it’s nice shading and voxel destruction. At the moment the gameplay is basic but very satisfying, with the voxel based destruction a joy to behold, and and excellent music track that really makes you want to blow things up.  It really is great fun blasting the cubic zombies, firing missiles at hordes of enemies watching their voxel guts get splattered everywhere.  We’d certainly like to see more of Critical Mass, and look forward to seeing what Ground State has to offer.

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Download or Play the Tech Demo in a Unity supported browser HERE