Critters For Sale – Alpha Download

Critters For Sale is a surreal, stylish and sinister narrative adventure that starts with you getting a text from Michael Jackson and just gets weirder from there!

Playing like a black and white 1-bit point and click adventure/visual novel, Critters For Sale takes you on a wild ride that touches on themes of black magic, immortality and time-travel. The full game will comprise of five chapters, each named after a different type of creature and set in different eras, and the current build features the first chapter, dubbed ‘Snake’.

In Snake you are awoken by a text message from Michael Jackson, asking you to come down to the Limelight club to meet him. From there on in the game just gets weirder and more intriguing, as you meet strange characters, get embroiled in a time-travelling mystery (or not depending on your choices) and discover the existence of powerful entities known as the “Noid Men”. You can reach the main ending in around 10 minutes, but there are multiple endings to discover depending on your choices, all of which are pretty weird.

When you finish playing the current build of Critters For Sale you’re left with more questions than answers but it’s one hell of a ride. The glitchy 1-bit visual style is incredible and every door you open and decision you make takes you deeper down a rabbit hole into its occult madness. A beautifully bizarre black and white masterpiece. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here (5 Endings)

Download The Critters For Sale Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)