Critters For Sale – Beta Download

Critters For Sale is a wonderfully weird and slightly sinister choose-your-own-adventure style narrative experience with many ways to die and lots of bizarre characters to meet, including Noid Men, Michael Jackson and a homicidal goat.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Critters For Sale is a bizarre 1-bit styled narrative adventure where nearly every choice you make dramatically affects the story (and often leads to your death). The last build contained one full chapter (Snake), which saw you meeting (or not meeting) Michael Jackson in a strange nightclub and getting mixed up with time-travelling Noid Men. The latest build features a few minor tweaks to the first chapter and a whole new chapter entitled “Goat”.

The strange and surreal narrative of Goat takes place in an Arabian Desert in Jordan back in 923AD. It follows a pair of explorers (and their goat) as they search for an Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves-esque secret cave full of hidden treasure. Needless to say it doesn’t quite play out like the classic story and things get pretty weird very quickly. As with Snake, there are multiple endings, most of which involve you horribly dying, but it is possible to survive if you make the right choices.

There really is nothing quite like the surreal 1-bit narrative adventure oddity that Critters For Sale offers. You never know what to expect when you make each decision and things can escalate fast in its bizarre black and white world. Funny, confusing, surprising and always entertaining. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here (Multiple Endings)

Download The Critters For Sale Beta Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)