Cross My Heart – Student Project Download


Cross My Heart is a beautiful Unreal Engine powered first person puzzle adventure in which you manipulate beams of light to open a pathway as you attempt to save your daughter.

Cross My Heart tells a story about a father who did a deal with a Rumpelstiltskin-style monster, who then stole away his daughter as a reward for fulfilling his end of the deal. As you delve deeper into the demons labyrinth to get her back, you use mirrors to direct light beams in a variety of inventive ways to open gates. Visually it’s very impressive, and the puzzles are particularly well designed – requiring a bit of spacial awareness and a lot of thinking outside of the box.

Throughout its playtime Cross My Heart offers inventive puzzles, lush visuals and an intriguing story. A cleverly crafted first person puzzler well worth checking out, and another excellent game created by students at ISART Digital.

Important Note: If the download doesn’t work, check your pop-up notifications (top right hand corner of the screen in Chrome)

Download Cross My Heart Here (Windows)