CrossCode – Alpha Demo


Radical Fish Games has recently announced the demo for their Hack-N-Slash, scifi-action title CrossCode. This gorgeous pixel art, top down action game feels like a seamless tapestry weaving elements from Secret of Mana and Phantasy Star that provides an immersive and captivating experience.

From the opening, to the battlefield, to the well-written story, this title pulls together the way a demo should. The story jumps right into the middle of a mission where the player character is on their way to save their brother, who is being forced to work on an unnamed project with his dying breath. Mixed emotions come to a boil as the character is faced with a life-altering event, watching her brother literally work to death, and being flung into another reality almost instantly. Confused, she must navigate her way through this parallel dimension and learn to traverse this strange world that turns out to be an MMO in the future. 

Off the bat, the game runs smoothly, the battle system is easy to get a handle on, utilizing WASD with mouse click attacks and dodge techniques. The soundtrack is another thing entirely, pouring a smooth molten mix of soft sci-fi tracks that wash over this wondrous game world in a mellow fashion. There’s a lot of wonder to behold in CrossCode, and this is just a taste of the exciting world Radical Fish is building for players this coming year.

Radical Fish and their IP CrossCode can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IndieDB, and Tumblr.

Download or Play The CrossCode Alpha Demo in a Browser HERE