CrossyRift – Student Project Download

crossy rift game

CrossyRift is a fun little game that effectively uses the Unreal Engine to allow players to enter the charming world of Crossy Road in first person (on standard screens or VR) and get splatted by high speed vehicles as you attempt to cross the road.

For those unaware, Crossy Road is a hugely popular Frogger-esque mobile game with charming blocks visuals and addictive, one-more-go gameplay.  CrossyRift adds another dimension and a lot more difficulty to Crossy Road’s gameplay, as you literally have to look both ways before crossing the road or risk getting instantly killed by an oncoming vehicle.

It should be noted that is still VERY early in development but the developers are continuing to work on the game.  If they add some more of Crossy Road’s features, such as unlockables and procedurally generated level design, it’ll be a game well worth crossing the road for.

Download CrossyRift Here (Rift or Standard Screen)