Crown Trick – Beta Download

Crown Trick is a beautiful hand drawn dungeon crawling roguelike adventure, that blends traditional tile-based synchronous turn-based movement with modern gameplay elements and a vast array of weapons, spells, traits and abilities to unlock.

Currently in development by NEXT Studios (creators of Metal Revolution), Crown Trick is a beautifully animated roguelike dungeon crawling adventure that sees you using magic and weapons to fight your way through its vast procedurally generated dungeons. The movement and combat system is reminiscent of traditional roguelike games, with you moving tile-by-tile and enemies moving each time you move. You do have an assortment of nifty tricks up your sleeve too though – such as magic attacks (on cooldowns), teleportation and an assortment of weapons, abilities, traits, treasures and tools that can ease your journey through the dungeons.

There’s a wide array of enemies to battle and loot to collect, but one of the most important factors a successful dungeon run is using the environment to your advantage. You’ll find elements of water, fire, ice, wind, poison and earth throughout the dungeons (often in destructible barrels) and you can use them to damage your enemies or even combine them in interesting ways.

The current build of Crown Trick offers a sizeable chunk of content and really impresses with its high quality artwork, large variety of loot and easily accessible roguelike dungeon crawling gameplay that offers plenty of depth. A beautifully animated evolution of the traditional tile-based dungeon crawling roguelike adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Crown Trick Beta Here (Windows)