Cruise Ship Manager – Beta Sign Up

Cruise Ship Manager is a new simulation game that allows players to build and run their own cruise liner, complete with 5 star restaurants, Casinos and swimming pools.

In Cruise Ship Manager you’ll be able to build your very own luxury cruise ship and take wealthy holidaymakers on epic voyages in the open sea. You’ll be able to kit your ship out with lots of luxury amenities, such as fancy restaurants, bars, pools and cinemas. You’ll also need to hire crew and make sure you price your tickets fairly – it you charge a premium price you’d better be offering a premium cruise. And needless to say there are always opportunities for things to go wrong (such as kitchen fires), so you need to be ready for anything!

Cruise Ship Manager looks like it could be a lot of fun, with an indepth management experience and lots of different luxury amenities to please your passengers with. Sign up now to set sail for the beta early.

Sign Up For The Cruise Ship Manager Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)