Crumble – Alpha Demo

Crumble is a dynamic physics based platformer where you try to stay alive in a world where structures are balanced like giant Jenga towers and can fall to pieces with the slightest nudge.

We previously featured Crumble on Alpha Beta Gamer last August when it was a game jam prototype and had a blast with its finely balanced fully destructible world. The devs have since been working hard on it and are planning to release a full game this Summer.

The current build of Crumble takes around ten minutes to play through. The first half allows you to get to grips with your squishy spherical character and his stretchy sticky tongue that you can use to swing between gaps. It looks fantastic and you can get up to some Sonic-esque speeds as you roll down the hills, but it’s the second half of the demo that really impresses…

The second half of the demo sees you attempting to survive in a large fully destructible arena while being bombarded by cannon fire. The cannon fire is unlikely to actually hit you, but that’s not the real danger – all the structures in the arena are entirely made of loose blocks that are balanced on each other. This means that even a little nudge can bring the whole lot falling down, and you with it!

It’s a very impressive game with beautiful visuals, fun physics based platforming and lots of lovely chaotic destruction that adds a nice bit of randomness to the gameplay. It’s a blast rolling and swinging around Crumble’s wonderfully wobbly world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Crumble Alpha Demo Here (Windows)