Crumble – Game Jam Build

Crumble is a very addictive little physics based platformer that sees you attempting to survive as cannon fire destroys the finely balanced environment around you.

At first glance Crumble looks like a normal ball-rolling platformer set in a low poly game world. However, a cannon is continually firing at you from a distance and when it hits the structure you’re standing on it soon becomes apparent that none of the structures are actually stuck together – they’re all just balanced on each other. This means that the cannon fire causes the environment to collapse around you so you have to keep moving and try to stay on stable structures.

You start Crumble with a large area to roll around in, but as the cannon fire destroys the environment around you then you are left with less and less options for you to move to. There’s no escape – the best you can do is try to last for as long as possible. The cannon always has its sights trained on you so if you move as slowly as possible early on in the round then you’ll have more area to exploit later on when the cannon fire really ramps up.

It’s a fun game that makes for a very dynamic platforming experience with you scrambling through the environment as it collapses around you. How long can you survive in this wonderfully crumbly game world?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Crumble Here (Windows & Mac)