Crush GB – Beta Demo

Crush GB is a very cool little Smash TV style top-down shooter for Game Boy and Game Boy Color (and playable via a browser) where a cyborg fights back against the corporation that created him.

In Crush GB you step into the shoes of a soldier whose body was fitted with cybernetic systems and a brain control device against his will by a corporation aiming to create an army of enhanced soldiers. You have managed to break free of your mind-control and are now fighting back against the corporation, one kill-room at a time.

The gameplay in Crush GB is simple, challenging and addictive. As it’s designed for Game Boy, there’s no twin-stick controls. Instead it has an Ikari Warriors style shooting system where you hold the fire button to lock your aim in a certain direction.

The controls scheme does feel a little laggy at times and it suffers a little showdown now and again (on the browser version anyway), but that almost makes it feel like more of an authentic Game Boy experience. Either way it’s a lot of fun and really impresses with the detail of the pixel art visuals and the excellent soundtrack.

Play The Crush GB Beta Demo Here (Browser & Game Boy)