Crying Suns – Kickstarter Demo

Crying Suns is an FTL inspired rogue-lite space adventure with pausable tactical real-time combat, a vast procedurally generated universe and a deep narrative that sees you unravelling the mystery of the disappearance of the human race.

In Crying Suns you take on the role of the greatest captain of the Galactic Empire, or rather a clone or the greatest captain of the Galactic Empire, who is awoken by a darkly-humorous super intelligent robot called an OMNI. The OMNI then asks you to pilot a battleship through the surrounding galaxy to try and get to the bottom of a puzzling mystery – total loss of communication from the Galactic Empire. It’s a dangerous job should you choose to accept it, but if you refuse to accept it then it’s even more dangerous (for you), as the ONMI will just terminate you and awaken another version of you (you are just a clone after all).

The gameplay in Crying Suns is a little reminiscent of FTL: Faster Than Light, with you travelling between procedurally generated solar systems, managing your resources and fighting other ships. It’s a far more narrative driven experience though and the battles see you commanding squadrons of ships on a hex-grid based battlefield rather than a single ship.

The Kickstarter demo build offers a sizeable chunk of gameplay and really impresses with it’s beautiful fusion of 2D pixel art and 3D visuals, addictive space exploration gameplay and tactical pausable real-time combat. It’s the Sci-Fi story that’s most impressive though – due to their procedurally generated nature, it’s not often that you get a rogue-lite (or roguelike) that has a truly engaging and fleshed out narrative. The deep Sci-Fi narrative of Crying Suns gives your space adventure real meaning and drives you on as you unravel the mystery of what happened to human race. Highly recommended.

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