Cryptmaster – Alpha Demo

Cryptmaster is a darkly comedic dungeon crawler where you type or speak words to battle your way out of the land of the dead.

In Cryptmaster you are unfortunately a little bit dead. Thankfully though you meet a Cryptmaster who will help you fight your way through the underground kingdoms of death and back to the world of the living. Words have real power in this world, and to succeed you’ll need to master them.

Cryptmaster plays like a traditional first person dungeon crawler, with you able to face four directions, move one tile at a time, battle monsters and collect loot. However, the way you interact with the world and fight monsters is entirely word-based, with you either typing out the words or speaking them into a mic.

You have four undead heroes in your party and to learn new attacks/spells you need to find letters to try and figure out what they are (a little like in a game of Hangman). You gain these letters either by defeating monsters or by completing minigames – such as guessing which objects the Cryptmaster finds in chests. During combat you then type/speak these attacks/spells in real-time to defeat your enemies.

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic game full of great ideas and clever humor. Figuring out the words is a lot of fun, there are some great gags to discover and the Cryptmaster himself is very entertaining. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cryptmaster Alpha Demo Here (Steam)