Cryptozootography – Game Jam Build Download

Cryptozootography is a charming and cleverly crafted little turn-based tactics game where you photograph cryptids to befriend them and get them to fight on your side.

Created for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam, the core gameplay in Cryptozootography is very different to that of most turn-based tactics games. During their turn all the cryptids you meet will automatically attack all the spaces in their attack pattern – they will attack friends and foes with no discrimination. Also, they attack and the start of their turn and then move, which makes for an oddly Chess-like experience as you plan your movements.

You take on the role of a cryptographer who sets out to take photos of the various cryptids she finds, but unfortunately they’re a little aggressive. You can’t attack, but you can use your camera to heal injured cryptids and convert them to your side, allowing you to use them to battle other cryptids.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a clever twist on the turn-based tactics genre with charming visuals and some very unique gameplay mechanics. A wonderfully inventive little cryptid-snapping adventure well worth snapping up.

Download Cryptozootography Here (Windows & Mac)