Crystal Story: Awakening – Alpha Demo

Crystal Story: Awakening is a charming top-down action RPG adventure that draws inspiration from 16bit classics, where a young girl ust become a brave knight and defeat a beast that destroys everything in its wake.

In Crystal Story: Awakening you follow the adventure of a young girl as she sets out to gather four lost crystals and use them to banish a beast that has broken free of its underground prison and now threatens to destroy the world. On your journey you’re guided by a helpful spirit and you’ll unlock new powers that will aid your quest.

The current build of Crystal Story: Awakening takes around 30 minutes to play through and serves as an introduction to the world. Movement and combat is much like in the top-down Zelda games, but you can jump and you have a nifty fireball ability that can burn things and stun enemies.

There’s a nice mixture of puzzle solving, hidden secrets and combat in Crystal Story: Awakening. Initially it does feel like a traditional old school action RPG, but there are some things that happen towards the end that switch things up a little and suggest that it’s going to be quite a unique experience.

It’s a very promising start to what looks set to be a very enjoyable and unique action RPG adventure. The pixel art animation is excellent, the puzzles are cleverly designed and there are some interesting twists along the way. A retro action RPG adventure with some fun new ideas.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Crystal Story: Awakening Alpha Demo Here (Windows)