CubedCubed – Alpha Download

CubedCubed is a super stylish and addictive Superhypercube-esque arcade puzzler that plays like a blend of Tetris and The Hole in the Wall TV show, with you trying to rotate an ever growing cluster of cubes so that it fits through the holes in the walls coming towards you.

In CubedCubed you start the game with a single cube, which you can rotate around all three axis by using the WASDQE keys. More cubes are added to random locations on your cube as you play though and you have to rotate it so that it fits through the hole in each wall that moves towards you. Every ten rounds you’ll also encounter a Boss Wall that rotates every few seconds to make things even harder for you!

It’s still very early in development and doesn’t even have any sound yet, but the core gameplay in CubedCubed is already very addictive and the neon-filled visuals are beautiful. It’s tricky, but not unfair and gives you a decent amount of time to get your shape orientated right. Being able to manually move the camera is a great help and and it’s fun watching as your mass of blocks gets larger and larger after each wall. Well worth checking out for some stylish block spinning hole in the wall fun.

Note: At the moment there is no soundtrack in CubedCubed, so just stick on some tunes in the background (such as the excellent new album by The Allergies).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The CubedCubed Alpha Here (Windows)