Cubic Castles – Open Beta

Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is a great new massively multiplayer building/terraforming game that mixes of Minecraft and Animal Crossing and adds a dash of 3D platforming/exploration to create a fun, easily accessible MMO that everyone can enjoy.

Although technically it’s an MMO, there’s no messing about with filling out personal details and email addresses, just download, choose a name and play.  It’s made by three former PopCap developers who got together to make a unique, fun & light-hearted MMO.  They’ve certainly succeeded, the world that they’ve created is full of warmth and charm, and the things you can build are only limited by your imagination.

The world map is divided into areas, with each player having their own realm, signified by a castle on the map, where you can build, craft and fully personalise your space.  You can visit other players realms or go mining and scavenging for more building materials to shared areas of the map.  There are also plenty of customisation for your character options and there’s even a shop that you can buy new items, rooms, clothes or even another castle, all with in-game currency (Cubit Blocks which you find throughout the game).

Even in the Beta stages it’s a well polished, well designed, easily accessible game full of customisation, crafting and character.  Popcap will be kicking themselves that they let those three go…

Watch a Trailer for it HERE

Watch a Lets Play of it HERE

Download the Beta HERE (Win & Mac)