Cuby Dimension – Student Game

Cuby Dimension is a clever little puzzle game where you create Escher-esque optical illusions as you manipulate the game world to allow you to travel through it.

In Cuby Dimension you control a little cube that has to make it from the start to the end of each level. Initially this doesn’t seem possible, but you can pick up three useful abilities to help you achieve your goal – grow, shrink and telekinesis.

The grow ability allows you to grow large and push certain platforms downwards. The shrink ability allows you to shrink and squeeze through small gaps. It’s the telekinesis ability that the most interesting though – it allows you to shift certain sections of the level to open up new pathways for you to travel along whilst also looking like Escher-esque optical illusions.

There are only a couple of levels in Cuby Dimension, but they’re very well designed and take more than a few attempts to figure out. it’s got a great visual style and it’s particularly enjoyable using your telekinesis powers to make the sections of the levels make impossible structures. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Cuby Dimension Here (Windows)