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Cubyrinth, a game jam game created by Kezhaar for Ludum Dare 34, is a 3D Puzzle Platformer where you must navigate your way from start to finish by manipulating a rubix cube-esque maze.

At first glance Cubyrinth looks simple enough. Start from point A and reach the end at point B. However as you stumble into a giant windmill things begin to become more complex. You make your way to the top of the windmill only to find your means of escape, a single catwalk from the windmill to the exit, completely blocked off by unmovable objects. This is where the puzzle elements come into play. At the bottom of the windmill is a control panel with two red buttons, each of which will change a part of your environment. Depending on what button you choose, it will rotate a set piece of your surrounding to the left or right, allowing you to explore a new area. Each section of the map, broken up into 3 parts, can be rotated with the controls panels that are scattered throughout the Cubyrinth.

The game’s stylish visual are outstanding for a game made in a short period of time. Splashes of colour mixed in with a fantastic lighting effects that cause epic clashes between the light and dark areas of the map. The synth soundtrack mixes well with the game as well, giving you a great sense of immersion. Add this with the slight pixelation effect that pops in with every map change and you’re got a game with a great sense of atmosphere that drags you into its virtual world. The only question that remains is will you be able to rustle up the courage and take on the Cubyrinth?

Download Cubyrinth Here (Windows Only)

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  1. Wow, great review ! I didnt expect someone to understand the purpose of the game that fast but you made a realy good walktrough on the video. Keep up the hard work, it’s incredible to see people taking time to share what we made, you make our blood and tears worth the price ;)

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