Cuisine Royale – Alpha Download

Cuisine Royale is a bizarre new culinary based take on the Battle Royale genre, that sees players starting the match in just their underwear, scavenging pots, pans and kitchen utensils to use as armor and weaponry.

Cuisine Royale was originally an April fools joke from the creators of the MMO WW2 Military shooter Enlisted, but the concept was so fun that the devs have decided to run with it. Matches see thirty players starting the match in just their underwear and scavenging weapons and culinary items as they battle to be the last one standing.

Like most Battle Royale shooters, there are still guns, but there’s also a large focus on the capabilities of the pots, pans, kitchen utensils and food that you discover. A colander can make a useful helmet, a waffle maker can make a handy bullet-proof vest, a frying pan makes hor a handy melee weapon, a medical dropper can accelerate your health regeneration, a cigar can turn you into a tough guy who can withstand double the punishment, and so on…

Cuisine Royale is currently still very early in development and is under NDA, so we can’t discuss much more than the press release and the trailer, but it’s a fun looking take on the Battle Royale genre with plenty of odd items to scavenge that should provide plenty of multiplayer hilarity. Grab your pots and pans and jump in for some lighthearted Culinary Royale warfare!

Download Cuisine Royale Here (Requires Registering a Account)

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  1. I decided to play this game as one of the first videos for my new YouTube! I was a bit disappointed in it to be honest but seeing as its totally free I can’t really be upset about it. It’s entirely thanks to this site that I discovered it too!

    Check out my video of my playing it at

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