CULTIC – Beta Demo

CULTIC is back with a new demo, allowing you to rise from the dead and blast your way through cultist hordes in some classic 90’s inspired FPS action.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, CULTIC is a 90’s inspired FPS where a detective goes in search of answers at a cultist headquarters after a series of disappearances were linked to it. Unfortunately you died right at the start of your investigation, but you then awaken in a pit of rotting corpses, grab an axe and start looking for answers…

The current demo has largely the same map as the last one (with some notable alterations), though there are more secrets and hidden guns to find (and there’s a wave-based survival mode to try out too). The visuals are also considerably clearer, while still retaining the grimy aesthetic that makes CULTIC feel so unique. It’s also a little more tactical than most classic boomer shooters, with multiple routes through areas, and a considerable amount of ranged combat.

The CULTIC demo is a hell of a lot of fun and a marked improvement on the previous build. The only downer at the moment is that the shotgun doesn’t feel great (a must for any self-respecting boomer shooter), though there is a weapon upgrade system in the game so maybe it’ll come into its own with a few upgrades. Aside from the from that though, it’s got tons of style, the rest of the guns feel great, there’s tons of gore and the level design is very creative. An old school boomer shooter infused with clever modern game design. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The CULTIC Beta Demo Here (Steam)