Cultorios – Alpha Demo


Cultorios is a very odd mountaineering adventure in which you attempt to survive to many hazards presented by the mountains you’re exploring – from falling rocks to mountain bears.

In Cultorios you play a mountaineer who climbs a mountain and finds an injured woman who he attempts to rescue. What follows is a strange little adventure that’s packed full of funny surprises and fun minigames, from snowboarding to escaping a bear, all of which it accompanied by a wonderfully OTT rock soundtrack.

Cultorios is still very much a work in progress (the writing has a few mistakes and the voicework is clearly provided by a computer program), but the rough edges actually add to the charm and comedic value of the game. A silly mountaineering curio well worth scaling.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cultorios Alpha Demo Here (Windows)