Curse of Anabelle – Kickstarter Demo

Curse of Anabelle is a creepy first person horror adventure which sees you searching a cursed mansion for a missing girl while uncovering an occult mystery that’s based on the legends and myths of King Solomon.

Taking place in Denver Colorado during 1988, Curse of Anabelle follows a young man called Nathan as he explores a mysterious old mansion in search of his missing girlfriend, who in turn is searching for answers about her deceased sister, Anabelle. It seems that Anabelle has been communicating with her sister from beyond the grave and that her soul is trapped in purgatory. As you try to unravel what’s really going on in that mansion you,ll uncover dark secrets of occultism and mystic arts that go back centuries and link to King Solomon and a book full of ancient rituals called The Key of Solomon.

The current Curse of Anabelle Kickstarter demo build features around 20 minutes of gameplay and sees you entering the mysterious mansion and searching for clues. There are a few minor irritations (such as the dirty camera lens effect that you can’t turn off), but on the whole it’s a very polished experience, with high quality visuals, a great sense of atmosphere and some excellent scares. The mansion is a fascinating place to explore and it’s packed full of strange rooms and odd little details that really give a feel for the age of the place and the occult horrors that live within it. See what occult oddities you unearth in the mansion!

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