Cursed Cursor – Game Jam Build Download

Cursed Cursor is an inventive little puzzler and you guide your mouse through tricky obstacle courses and you lose control of the cursor in different ways in differently colored areas.

In Cursed Cursor your aim in each level is to guide your cursor to the goal without hitting any hazards. This may sound fairly simple (and there are many browser games that have done similar things), but the big difference in Cursed Cursor is that you don’t always have full control of your cursor. Different colored sections of each level can have a dramatic effect on how your cursor controls – it might float like it’s in water, slide like it’s on ice or be pushed across the screen like it’s being blown by wind. You need to account for these effects as you try to guide the cursor to each exit.

It only takes around five minutes to play through Cursed Cursor, but it’s a fantastic concept that does some very inventive things throughout its short playtime. A clever little puzzler that will really test your mouse control skills!

Download Cursed Cursor Here (Windows)