Cursed Hospital – Prototype Download

cursed hospital game download

Cursed Hospital is a terrifying jump scare-filled first person horror adventure in which you attempt to escape while avoiding some particularly nasty (and fast) re-animated corpses that patrol it.

Cursed Hospital is a Japanese game so all of the dialogue is in Japanese, but thankfully there’s not too much narrative anyway and all the menus and items are all displayed in English. If any of our readers do know Japanese we’d love to know if we’ve missed anything in the narrative, but it seems to revolve around you attempting to escape a hospital that’s full of reanimated corpses (possibly brought to life through some dark experimentation).

A full playthrough of the current build will take around 15 minutes and it’s a very intense, jump scare-filled experience. The game puts you on edge as soon as you come face to face with the first undead monster and doesn’t let up until you finally escape. The actual character models of the monsters aren’t what’s scary about Cursed Hospital, it’s the way they move and the unsettling audio that plays whenever they spot you. You can pick up a gun later on that will allow you to defend yourself, but they’re pretty fast, the best option is usually just to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction if they spot you!

It’s still early in development so has a few rough edges, but Cursed Hospital certainly shows a lot of promise, and already instills a deep sense of dread that allows for some incredibly intense jump scares. A very creepy horror adventure that will get under your skin, then make you jump out of it!

Note: The Download is via a Japanese web site, we recommend using the translate function in Chrome to find the download link. For those without Chrome, just click on the big, bold text that reads: →ここをクリックして 「Cursed Hospital~呪われた病院から脱出~ 」 をダウンロードする。

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