Cursed Roots – Alpha Download

Cursed Roots Game Download

Cursed Roots is a very freaky point and click adventure with fiendishly designed puzzles and great artwork, in which you return to your childhood home and unearth some very dark secrets.

Your uncle has died so you’ve returned to your childhood home where your aunt and uncle brought you up. A lot has changed quite a lot since you lived there though – it’s fallen into disrepair, your aunt’s acting a little odd and there appears quite a few more horrifying monsters than you remember being there too!

The puzzle design in Cursed Roots can be quite tricky and the UI can take a little getting used to – for instance there are some objects you can interact with or pick up at certain times and some situations are time sensitive (with you abruptly dying if you fail). It’s worth persevering with though as the pulp horror narrative is very enjoyable, the atmosphere is very tense and the freaky monsters you encounter offer up some great scares. A genuinely scary point and click adventure that’ll test your nerves as much as it tests your grey matter!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cursed Roots Alpha Here (Windows)