Cursed to Golf – Beta Demo

Cursed to Golf is a golf-like 2D adventure where a cursed golfer attempts to golf his way out of purgatory after dying just before the end of a world record breaking round.

Based on the browser game of the same name, Cursed to Golf follows the adventure of a professional golfer who is struck by lighting and killed while about to sink a shot that would have made him the golfing GOAT. You now have to play your way through randomly ordered courses that are home to deceased legendary golfers and hope that you’re good enough to golf your way back to the land of the living.

The rules of Cursed to Golf are a little different from traditional golf. For starters the courses are filled with hazards such as spikes or explosive crates and if you go over par then you fail the hole. There are aids that can help you though – such as idols that you can breat to grant you more shots and cards that give you special abilities.

Cursed to Golf’s 2D golf-like twist on the classic game of golf is a lot of fun and the courses deliver a real challenge. The pixel art visuals are fantastic and it’s a very polished package that delivers a significant upgrade over the original. An addictive lighthearted golfing adventure well worth teeing up.

Download The Cursed to Golf Beta Demo Here (Steam)