Cute Cats Daily – Game Jam Build Download

Cute Cats Daily, a frantic game where you raise as many cats as possible made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you trying to deal with getting a new cat every day and not being overrun by all of the furry creatures!

You misread an online advertisement – thinking you were signing up for cute cat pictures, you instead signed up to take care of cats with a new cat being delivered each and every day. You are given a fee to take care of these cats, so you will be making money out of it, but cats take a lot of work and the more you have the more likely your house is to stink. Once your house starts stinking, your neighbors will start complaining and you may end up losing your home completely.

You don’t have to take care of these cats forever – after having them for 10 days, you can attempt to pawn them off to people who really want them! Each cat has a different trait. The adoption center nearby is looking for cats of specific color and trait, so if you have a matching cat you can sell them off to be adopted and gain some money doing so. All of this money will come in handy as you must buy litter, cat food, more cat food dishes, more bins, cleaning spray, and litter boxes as you gain more cats. Cute Cats Daily is a super funny idea but quite a challenging game – more cats in a small space makes for a lot of looking after.

Its a fun game, that’s a little like Cats Are Assholes, but with a more business management elements. See how many cats you can keep at once in your little house before your neighbors start to complain!

Play or Download Cute Cats Daily Here (Browser, Win, & Linux)