Cutting Hedge – Game Jam Build Download

cutting hedge

Cutting Hedge is a bouncy, goofy simulation game built for Ludum Dare 35 where you are challenged to —as you may have surmised from the game’s title— cut hedges.

Cutting Hedge plays a bit like a rejected Mario Party minigame. In Cutting Hedge, you’ll progress through a variety of different hedge transformation challenges as you attempt satisfy your eager customers. Using your cursor, you’ll need to drag your clippers across sections of the hedge and carve out the required shape. Sounds easy, right? Well, thanks to some wonky physics, Cutting Hedge is anything but.

Because the hedges are tile-based, getting ultra-specific with your bush trimming isn’t really an option. More often than not, you’ll find yourself cutting branches you didn’t mean to cut and suddenly, like a broken rubber band, your hedge will slump over. However, the fun of Cutting Hedge isn’t really found in creating beautiful works of leafy art, but rather in seeing how highly the game praises your failed attempts at landscaping. The percent satisfaction assigned to your creations seems entirely arbitrary. We’re no professionals, but we’re not sure we really earned that 100% rating for our half-limp, deflated elephant tree. Still, if you are looking for some goofy gardening action, check out Cutting Hedge for a topiary good time.

Note: You will need to have Java installed in order to play Cutting Hedge. You can download the latest version of Java here.

Download Cutting Hedge Here (Win, Mac & Linux)