Cybel – Beta Download

Cybel is a dark and satisfyingly brutal Hotline Miami-esque top-down Sci-Fi shooter where an Elevator Witch goes from floor to floor in a heavily armed facility and murders everyone!

In Cybel you take on the role of Cybel, and Elevator Witch who goes from floor to floor with just one objective – KILL EVERYONE. To achieve this you have a melee attack, a badass shotgun and the ability to instantly rewind time when you get shot. You only have a limited amount of rewind doses though so you still need to be fairly careful.

Being a fast paced one-hit-kill twin-stick shooter, Cybel does obviously play a little like Hotline Miami, it does have plenty of its own personality and creative ideas. The rewind ability negates the frustration of having a run wiped out by a silly mistake and the level design is satisfyingly complex, with a variety of different enemies and traps to negate and eliminate.

It’s a great take on the Hotline Miami-style twin-stick insta-death shooter genre with tons of style, satisfying kills and cleverly constructed levels that require a nice amount of puzzle solving. Pity anyone who gets in the way of this Elevator Witch’s bloody rampage!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cybel Beta Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)