Cyber Lancer – Game Jam Build Download

Cyber Lancer is a PS1 styled mech combat game where you control a heavily armed mech and blast waves of baddies.

Created for the MechJam III jam, Cyber Lancer draws inspiration from retro classics like Virtua On, with you controlling a mech which battles waves of enemies in a small arena. The controls are fairly simple – you just move aim and fire. After each wave you can purchase one of three possible upgrades for your mech, such as guns, rockets and speed, and occasionally you’ll have a 1-on-1 battle with a rival mech.

Much like the games inspired by, the gameplay is fairly shallow but very entertaining and addictive. It’s a great bit of arcade mech fun that feels like a real blast from the past.

Download Cyber Lancer Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)