Cyberdrome – Student Project Game

Cyberdrome is an intense first person cyberpunk horde mode action game where you use your cyber-ninja skills to stay alive for as long as possible against swarms of deadly robots in evolving arenas.

The goals in Cyberdrome are simple – stay alive and score as much points as possible to earn a place on the online leaderboards. There are three futuristic arenas to test your skills in, with each one dynamically changing during the course of the match and filling with increasingly challenging waves of robots until you meet your demise.

You’re heavily outnumbered and outgunned (especially because you don’t have a gun), but you do have a sweet sword, a handy dash attack and the ability to slow down time. As well as attacking you can also use your sword to deflect some shots back at your enemies (hough you can only block what you can see, so you have to be careful what’s behind you). You earn points for every enemy that you kill, with you earning bonuses for combos, multi-kills and air-attacks.

Some levels work better than others and the fast and frantic speed of the gameplay can take a little getting used to, but it’s great fun once you get into the swing of things (and if you stick to the first two levels). The visuals are excellent, the action never lets up and it’s particularly satisfying to dash attack into a group of robots and slice them up. See if you’ve got the sword skills to leave your mark in the Cyberdrome!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Cyberdrome Here (Steam)