Cybernetic Ghost Symphony – Game Jam Build Download

Cybernetic Ghost Symphony

Cybernetic Ghost Symphony, a short and funny 4th wall breaking text based game made for the 2015 Loading Screen Jam, has you attempting to form some sort of meaningful communion with a game.

At first, this game brings you to a loading screen. This screen looks pretty basic; with tips for playing the game as well as a cute loading symbol in the corner of the screen. Soon the developer of the game sends you a little message box asking you your name or giving you a couple of lines to read. The developer wants to make this game meaningful, make it the best. It needs your feedback or responses to know if it is doing well.

The developer continues to try to connect with you, but finds it hard to do through a game. It’s hard to truly connect with a game, because it is what it is; a bunch of code without feeling. Can you build a connection with Cybernetic Ghost Symphony?

Download Cybernetic Ghost Symphony Here