Cyber//zdvac – Game Jam Build Download


Cyber//zdvac is a fun little robot dating sim in which you play an ancient robot with a very limited vocabulary who’s searching for love on a dating TV show.

Cyber//zdvac is set in a future where robots are not only sentient, but crave the fellowship of another robot to complete them. You are one such robot, who has resorted to entering a robot dating TV show for your chance to find true love. The only issue is that you are a VERY old model, with a VERY limited vocabulary. So answering the questions to your hopeful suitors questions may be a little tricky… and a little hilarious.

Your limited voicebank can only hold 12 different words/phrases, and these are chosen via a short questions and answers section at the start of the show. You can chose sensible answers to the hosts questions, but obviously it’s a lot more fun if you make them as silly as possible. An old and obsolete robot like you finding true love may be quite unlikely, but you’ll certainly have a lot of fun trying!

Download Cyber//zdvac Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Android)